• Cocaine is an addictive substance which has the ability to destroy many lives. Addition doesn’t always mean the individual abuses the substance every day. The biggest sign of addiction is when the individual has tried to break the routine and hasn’t been able to. Cocaine has affected millions of people across the world causing harmful results. An addiction to cocaine can cause severe changes in personality, financial problems, anger issues and physical health. The drug
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    1. You will have more money   You’ll probably be very surprised if you add up how much money you are currently spending on alcohol each month. Imagine if you had that much extra money each month – what would you do with it? Maybe you wouldn’t have to worry so much about money or maybe you could start looking at other things you would enjoy. Joining a class to learn something you’ve always wanted
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    Many of us find ourselves feeling overwhelmed more often than we would like, embroiled in fiery anger, prone to emotional outbursts or stuck in anxiety and emotional overload. It is often frustrating but can be quite debilitating and feel unmanageable. Here are some life tips that are good for us all: 1. Stop, count and breathe – it’s so simple we often don’t do this, or we think it is too simple to be fully
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    Few people know about the phenomenon of Findom. It’s not completely new, but has been steadily rising over the past few years as we become increasingly involved in the online world. Findom stands for financial domination. Simply put, men involved in findom send expensive gifts, give regular sums of money (the amount is set by the woman) or even allow the unknown woman to have complete control over his finances. There is no sexual exchange and
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    Director of Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco at Public Health England (PHE), Rosanna O’Connor,  says: “Around 4.4 per cent of the population are drinking just under a third of the alcohol consumed in this country. That’s around 2 million drinking just over 30 per cent of the alcohol.” Contact us at Canterbury Healthcare 01227 903 503 for specialist help.   Health Committee and Home Affairs Committee by Professor Nick Sheron of the University of Southampton, who also