1. You will have more money


You’ll probably be very surprised if you add up how much money you are currently spending on alcohol each month. Imagine if you had that much extra money each month – what would you do with it? Maybe you wouldn’t have to worry so much about money or maybe you could start looking at other things you would enjoy. Joining a class to learn something you’ve always wanted to try, learn to climb, paint, study a language or start another hobby. With the savings you would make over a year, you may well be able to take a holiday or buy a car. Many people are afraid to stop drinking alcohol because they think it would make life less fun, but the truth is it can give you a chance to do more of the fun things in life instead. 

Exercise: Add up your average spendings on alcohol over a month, then imagine what other things you would like to do with that money.

People happy without drinking alcohol


2.  You will look healthier and younger!


Drinking alcohol ages you, we often see people of 30 who actually look about 50. Alcohol produces toxins in the body that accelerate the ageing process.  If you take steps to stop drinking alcohol, the damage can be reduced or even reversed. People often find their faces clears of any acne and their complexion improves. Imagine how much happier you will feel when you’re able to look in the mirror and enjoy the contrast of how much better you look. Your confidence will grow and the knock-on effects of feeling better about yourself are far-reaching.

Exercise: Imagine feeling really confident about yourself and your looks. What would be different for you? Would you say different things? Would you go to different places? How would it change your life?


3.  Your relationships will improve


Often a social setting is the catalyst for drinking alcohol, it may be where the habit started and many people associate it with having fun with friends. However, alcohol can also be the cause of fights and arguments with friends and loved ones, it can even ruin relationships. Many drinkers find themselves having to apologise for the ‘drunk them’ time and time again, they end up lying to loved ones or have ended friendships over something that happened when they were drunk. 

The fear of having to change their social life can be tricky for those who drink, but the rewards are great, and you don’t always have to change friends when you stop drinking, you can try creating different environments to enjoy socialising. Try spending a night out with friends or loved ones without drinking. Instead of going to a pub, go to a show or have a meal out so you can really appreciate and enjoy each other’s company.

Exercise: Think about and write down how at least three relationships would improve if you stopped drinking. Then add yourself – how would your relationship with yourself improve? What would like more about yourself?

People enjoying relationships without alcohol


4. You will feel and be much healthier


The majority of people when asked, say that they would like to feel healthy and live a long life. The reality if you engage in heavy bouts of drinking is that this is not likely to happen. Liver disease, heart problems, obesity, kidney issues and cancer are a few of the conditions caused or greatly exacerbated by moderate to heavy drinking. Not only are you potentially destroying your life, but you may impact the lives of those you love as well. 

If you cut down, or preferably stop drinking, you will quickly notice a difference in how you feel. Often aches and pains decrease or go away, your chances of getting cancer decrease sharply and your liver will begin to rejuvenate. You are likely to lose weight and start to feel much better about yourself and your life. 

If you drink to de-stress and relax, try alternatives. Take up a pastime you have always wanted to do, you could learn meditation or mindfulness exercises, join a gym or get together with friends to do something healthy for you.

Exercise: How would you like to be healthier? What would be different in your life if you felt better physically, were stronger, fitter, brighter and happier? Write down some of your answers so you can come back to them. 


5. You will stop damaging your brain and feel clearer and brighter


Many people don’t even think about the effect alcohol is having on their brain because it doesn’t immediately show up. If you have been drinking for a long time, you may not be aware that your brain is ‘foggy’ and you are only able to feel and function in life at half mast. Continued drinking can cause depression, anxiety, memory loss and even permanent brain damage. To quit drinking allows your brain to begin healing and clear the ‘fog’. Your mind becomes clearer and sharper, you are less like to suffer with mental health issues and your senses will improve so that you can see, feel, hear, smell, and taste more of the good stuff in life. It’s worth it!

Exercise: Write down five things in your life that would improve if you had a clearer mind, were more content, free from hangovers and your senses were sharper.

Happy man who has quit alcohol

When you do these exercises and write down your answers, keep them handy and read over them each night. As you read, make sure to feel how the ‘new and different you’ would feel if these things were true.

If you would like help with quitting alcohol or you would like an assessment of your alcohol intake, contact Canterbury Healthcare.