Image of suffering bereavementLosing someone close to us is one of the toughest things we have to go through in life. However much we may think we had prepared for this moment, we may still feel shocked, numb or deeply upset. We experience a huge variety of emotions. Sometimes, if our loved one was ill for a time, we feel relieved that we can now make plans for our own future. This can bring up feelings of guilt. These are all normal, natural responses to bereavement.

Everyone copes with bereavement differently. There is never a wrong or right way to feel when you are grieving. There is no set time you should or shouldn’t feel something, it can be a long process. When you have lost a loved one, it can really help to talk about how you feel and what you are thinking. Bereavement counselling helps the healing process.

If you feel you need help in coping with your feelings at this time, call 01227 903 503 for an appointment. 

Our Bereavement Counsellors

Both Natalie Prior and David Goodlad are qualified bereavement counsellors. They are trained in grief and trauma therapy and have many years of experience. Natalie and David are here to help and support you through your most difficult of times.

image to convey someone going through bereavementBereavement counselling is unlike any other type of therapy because the grief dictates the session rather than the counsellor. It is now recognised that everyone follows an individual journey as they come to terms with death and bereavement. The stages of grief that counselling courses often teach can be unhelpful. This is because they give a false impression that we need to move neatly through each phase to complete the process. This is not true. Grief needs to be heard and felt at it’s own pace and our counsellors are respectful of the time and attention you need to look at how your grief is affecting you.

We are here, on standby to speak with you about your feelings of bereavement. Call us on 01227 903 503