Relationship Counselling in Kent

Whether your relationship difficulties have led to divorce, separation, affairs or betrayal, relationship counselling will help you. To book an appointment, call 01227 903 503

If you need help with trust and self-esteem, a new relationship or even sexual issues, our qualified, Kent based relationship therapists are here to help you. Call us now on 01227 903 503

Couples Counselling in Kent

Image of couples relationship counselling

Building and maintaining a relationship is not for the feint-hearted. It takes energy and commitment and is not always easy. If you are married and having difficulties, but would like to stay together, then marriage counselling with a qualified therapist really helps. There is no quick fix, but we will help you explore your concerns, improve your understanding together and reach a place of greater awareness.

To book a private, one-to-one, confidential couples counselling session with a senior relationship counsellor, call us today on 01227 903 503 . Canterbury Healthcare has three locations around the Kent area and we will endeavour to see you in your preferred location.

Individual Relationship Counselling in Kent

image to show individual relationship counsellingThe end of a relationship can be truly devastating and as debilitating as a deep grieving experience. Equally, the fear of a relationship ending (or never ending) can be a source of extreme distress. Your clarity of purpose, your security and your direction in life are easily displaced when experiencing relationship issues. This can leave you unsure, confused and in pain. Our relationship counselling is highly effective. Our psychotherapeutic approach is sensitive and meets you wherever you are. The purpose of relationship issues counselling is to take you to a place of greater trust and understanding in yourself, your partner and the situation.

We provide relationship counselling to individuals as well as couples and are here to support you through any difficulties you are having. Our experienced therapists are available to help you now on 01227 903 503

Our Clients say…

When I first called Canterbury Healthcare I was experiencing huge difficulties in my life situation and my feelings around this. Overwhelmed by uncertainty, sadness and loneliness, I felt almost paralysed. During my time with my counsellor it quickly became clear that I had made the right decision to take a chance and book the appointment.

My therapist had such a deep, warm and perceptive nature that moved right to the heart of the matter. One gift I hadn’t bargained for was the help to locate a peace that I hadn’t know existed within me – priceless!