If you or someone close to you has a problem with alcoholism, we can help.

Alcoholism Treatment in Kent

Image of man with alcoholism having counsellingAlcohol addiction treatment, counselling for binge drinking and alcohol dependence counselling are provided in a safe, confidential environment here in the heart of Kent.

Call 01227 903 503 for a private, respectful assessment session with our senior addictions and alcohol counsellor, David Goodlad.

We are here to help you. Our addiction specialist will talk to you about your drinking to explore the extent of the problem. He will look at the options available to you and devise a treatment plan unique to your situation and needs.

We offer intensive alcohol treatment programmes either as an outpatient at our private centre, or in one of our residential alcohol treatment clinics.

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Twelve Steps to freedom from Alcoholism

Our approach is simple. This is because it needs to be, and it works!

Image of man beating alcoholismBy the time a client comes for help, he or she is often filled with confusion, fear and a lack of trust. This approach, when conducted by a qualified expert, is a path to change and creates lasting freedom from alcohol addiction.

Together, you and your specialist alcohol therapist will:

  1. Examine the problem you are bringing
  2. Assess your current lifestyle
  3. Look at your personal history
  4. Consider your mental functioning
  5. Assess any level of depression
  6. Agree on where help is needed
  7. Consider the changes required
  8. Prepare to make changes
  9. Consider the responsibilities those changes need
  10. Strengthen your resolve as you begin to change
  11. Measure the effect of the changes
  12. Support the maintenance of the changes

If you are concerned about your own or someone else’s use of alcohol, contact us now for alcohol advice or to make an appointment with David Goodlad, one of the most qualified and experienced alcohol therapists in Kent.

Help with Alcohol problems…

Our clients say…

David instantly gave me tools to deal with my situation. He first acted as a crutch, my support and someone to vent to. It would have been easy to tip into depression or suicidal thoughts but David skilfully headed me off. I was entirely lost, my mind fogged with confusion, anger and sadness. He dealt with me like a shocked patient – simple easy steps to help me out of crisis. Once I was in a position to cope he engaged at a deeper level.

After that, our sessions helped me to work out why things were happening and how I could handle them. David was supportive in a way I really needed. Once some of the deeper causes of my behaviour were identified he suggested ways to rethink my approach. He was particularly skilled on the steps necessary to reinforce my new behaviours.

David strengthened me to deal with the crisis I was facing, and to avoid damaging behaviours that were trapping me in a lifelong cycle. I realised then that David Goodlad had helped me to partially reinvent myself. From that new place it was affirming to talk about where I wanted go from there. I have always been suspicious of making those nirvana-like plans, the type made as you travel home from a really good holiday. David, however, was great at showing how to make the life I wanted realistic and achievable.

David doesn’t indulge – he solves, and I am enormously grateful to him.  LJ

Alcohol Rehab Clinics

Sometimes alcohol rehab or drug rehab is the preferred option. In this case, David Goodlad supervises both alcohol rehabs and drug rehabs. He is able to offer extensive information on choices available and is there to provide suitable aftercare for you.