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Cocaine Addiction Counselling

Cocaine is an addictive substance which has the ability to destroy many lives. Addition doesn’t always mean the individual abuses the substance every day. The biggest sign of addiction is when the individual has tried to break the routine and hasn’t been able to.

Cocaine has affected millions of people across the world causing harmful results. An addiction to cocaine can cause severe changes in personality, financial problems, anger issues and physical health.

The drug addiction may usually begin in a social setting, introduced by another person and is frequently mixed with alcohol. Whilst many people abuse this substance in a social setting, many addicts will use the drug by themselves to get through the day. Cocaine can be deemed as a desirable drug for someone who is shy and experiences social anxiety. The drug is renowned for making people feel more outgoing and increases confidence, which is a toxic mix for those that struggle to make friends. The addictive substance can quickly consume someone’s thoughts, change their behaviour, and can tear families apart.

Typical behavioural traits of a cocaine addict can cause anger issues, irritability, compulsive behaviour and paranoia. Physical symptoms of the disorder include;

– Shaking (a symptom of withdrawal symptom)
– Insomnia
– Nose bleeds
– Loss of appetite
– Dilated pupils
– Sweating
– Nausea
– Chills
– Headaches

David has almost 30 years of worldwide experience in drug abuse, addiction and it’s damaging effects. David helps his clients using a put together step-by-step program. This process includes;

– Assessing the impact on the client and their family
– Implementing an immediate plan to stop all cocaine activity
– Develop change and coping strategies for the client
– Help the client to develop a personal relapse prevention plan

If you believe you have a cocaine addiction or have any concerns about an employee or family, please contact David on 01227 903 503. Addiction isn’t something to be ashamed of. Please remember that any information you disclose is kept confidential between you and David.

image of man giving money

Would you hand over your finances to a stranger?

Few people know about the phenomenon of Findom. It’s not completely new, but has been steadily rising over the past few years as we become increasingly involved in the online world.

Findom stands for financial domination. Simply put, men involved in findom send expensive gifts, give regular sums of money (the amount is set by the woman) or even allow the unknown woman to have complete control over his finances. There is no sexual exchange and in the majority of cases the two never meet. Occasionally men ask their domme to blackmail them, all however, submit in the relationship and expect to be spoken to harshly and insulted. They are ‘cash pigs’ to the women in the industry.

image of man involved in findom

Why would anyone agree to hand over their finances to a stranger?

There are many reasons men become involved in the findom world. Some say the thrill of having a woman demand money and expensive things can be addictive, others that they enter a place where they can forget their worries during an exchange. Whatever it looks like on the surface, the following are a list of just some of the underlying causes of this problem:

– Low self worth

– Self destructive behaviour

– Severe stress and overwhelm

– Need to escape life

– Lack of intimacy in life

– Difficulty maintaining a one-to-one relationship with a woman

– Need for a chemical ‘emotional’ high

The exchange is about power and control, a push-pull relationship in which the rich or powerful man gives up his power to the woman, who is free to demand whatever she desires. You may think the domme can never have more power than the man is willing to give her, but the big problems come with addiction when the man can no longer control what power he is handing over, compelled to give more and more. The devastation this creates in his life includes:

– addiction

– financial ruin

– increasing debt levels

– loss of property

– end of marriage/relationship

– anxiety

– psychological damage

– physical harm (some men perform self-torture tasks during the exchange)

Findom is no laughing matter. With the number of women advertising these services online on the increase, more men are becoming involved. If you are engaged in findom, or concerned about it, call us now for help on 01227 903 503

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